Friday, August 31, 2007

A little about ME!

If you visit regularly, your haven't seen too much going on. I started this blog so that my friends and family that I don't see too often can catch up on my terribly exciting life.

I work as an IT Purchasing Administrator for a little 'ol bank in Portland, Oregon. So, I get to spend money all day long buying PC's, laptop's, printers, monitors, etc., etc., etc. You would think "Heck, she gets to shop all day, she should be the happiest girl around!" Well, you would be forgeting that I'm shopping for computers and computer accessories, not SHOES or CLOTHES or JEWLERY. It does get quite boring now and then.

I work full time, so, whatever little time I have not working, or cleaning, or driving, or cooking I try to squeeze in a little posting or picture or video. Enjoy!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Video of the DECADE

Just watch..

Hat Tip: HotAir

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Our New Project

Well, we bought this car back in 1999 or 2000 and it has been sitting in our garage since. We did take it out a couple of times to get it re-painted and the engine worked over, but, the poor baby has been locked up in the garage for a good part of the last 7 years.

This is a 1965 VW Beetle we bought after selling my 1973 VW Super Beetle. My hubby had a VW Beetle long, long ago, so technically this is his third VW to completely re-do.

We have just recently started getting in all of the parts needed to finish this baby up. I will keep you posted on the progress. We just put together the rear-bottom seat section with padding and new upholstery.

The upholstery and quarter panels are brick-red with cream trim. The carpet is a nice oatmeal color, not a solid color, kinda dotted. I can't wait for this to be done so I can spin it around town!

Our New Baby!

No, it's not another kid. We took care of that long ago! It's our new boat! It's a 20' Ski Boat made by Blue Water boats, called the Cascade. Ours is red, of course, it is my favorite color... :) Isn't she beautiful?!?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Left is NUTS!

Ted Nugent was on Hannity & Colmes on July 12th to talk about a recent threat from a Lefty Blogger at the Democratic Daily, who by the way used to write for Hustler Magazine...classy.

TED NUGENT, MUSICIAN: Well, Alan, I've been dealing with these new jobs all my life, since the 1960s. The animal rights and the anti- hunters have been threatening to kill my family and kill me.

COLMES: We don't want him to kill you here, Ted.

NUGENT: They've threatened to kill me. We got the files with law enforcement. This guy is obviously a nut case. But he is actually making a statement to assassinate fellow Americans.

COLMES: No, he's not, Ted.

NUGENT: If you really want to fight — if you really want to fight hate, Alan, you'll find these lunatic fringers are all about hate. And all I can say to him is good luck.

COLMES: Actually, Ted, he's not threatening to assassinate you. He's talking about the hate on the right.

NUGENT: So let me get — Alan, what you're talking about...

COLMES: You're ignoring how he set it up, and you're ignoring the hyperbole.

NUGENT: ... make the statement. He used the word assassinate, didn't he?

COLMES: Well, you're taking it totally out of context. He — you can't believe he plans to assassinate you. He said...

NUGENT: Alan, you are such a pushover.

Okay, so let me get this straight, Colmsey is saying that it is okay for this "blogger" to threaten to kill Rush and Nugent because he is talking about the hate from the right hmmmmmm.......does anyone else see the hypocracy here??